It is the parents' responsibility to inform the office staff if your child/children have any known or suspected allergies to food, textiles, animals, chemicals or pollens.

      Breakfast, lunch and a mid-afternoon snack will be served daily. The weekly menu is posted in the kitchen and on the bulletin board next to the front door. All foods served will be nutritious and all fruit juices will be 100% fruit, milk will be 1% or whole milk and served with both breakfast and lunch (as per USDA food grant requirements). Outside food is not permitted to be brought or sent in with your child for eating within the facility unless you bring enough for your child’s entire class and it is pre-arranged with your child’s teacher and/or the office staff. School aged children that will be eating with us before we transport them to school in the morning must arrive no later than 7:50 am. If they eat prior to their arrival, they may arrive as late as 8:10. As a gentle reminder, for an optimal day of learning to take place, children need to eat breakfast every day. It has also been our experience that children arriving late will not sit and eat while watching the rest of his/her classmates begin their exciting learning time activities.

Sample Menus of Food Provided for children 1 year and older

Breakfast: Waffles, bananas, and milk.
Lunch: Chicken Alfredo, broccoli, milk, and orange wedges.
Snacks: Assorted crackers, fresh or canned fruits and vegetables, rice cakes, etc.

Children are offered water often throughout the day and are allowed access as much as wanted.

Breakfast will be served to those children arriving to the center before 8:45 am (school-age 7:50 am). Also, please note that due to allergy concerns, we do not allow children to eat outside food in front of the other children. (This includes hot chocolate, breakfast bars, chewing gum, candy, McDonalds etc.)

Again, it is the parents' responsibility to inform the management at this center if your child/children have any known allergies to food, textiles, animals, chemicals or pollens.


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